My story

My story

Hi! My name is Elizabet Berenice Lopez, is part of a personal project, with the aim of collaborating in blogs and creating digital content about Personal Growth, you will see a sample of my work in my articles and gallery, but it is also more than a portfolio, because I want to share what I have learned in this process of personal growth. If you are looking for content that allows you to develop and expand your awareness in a comprehensive, holistic and at the same time simple way, even you are very busy, or just starting your own personal development path, we have a lot in common!.

Let me tell you what moved me to create this website:

When I was a child I used to have an internal war between my thoughts and emotions, I learned to put my emotions aside and guide myself by reason, based on what I knew according to how I was raised and what I knew up to that point. However, I judged myself harshly, because deep down I wanted to do totally different things, and forcing myself to act in a reasonable way ignoring my emotions and my essence led me to feel frustrated many times, to feel like a bad person, to get sick often, and being confused in general as to my path in life.

After growing up following the path that the people important to me around me expected me to follow, I realized that I would never be satisfied if I followed that path, so I started looking for answers. Thanks to the digital world, the Internet and coaching conferences, authors and Influencers who have shared their stories and learnings, I found the world of Personal and spiritual Development, a world of information, tools and techniques that can be put into practice on this path of self-discovery, and reconnect with my essence.

I learned to accept myself, to feel much better about myself. And I also aim now to contribute sharing my experienc, and what I’ve learned. I know that we all have different challenges and different perspectives, that is why I would like to contribute from my culture, perspective and vision. I hope this facilitates the Personal Growth for more people; that perhaps they were as far as I was from the world of personal growth, to find their way.

I am Elizabet Berenice Lopez, creator of digital content about personal growth, if you are a Coach or you train people on their personal growth, I would love to collaborate with you. Please explore the rest of this site and feel free to contact me.

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Take a look at my blog as sample of my work as a writer of content for Personal Growth, I can adapt to your professional image.

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Also take a look at my Gallery, where you can see samples of design projects, and multimedia.

Personal Growth is the key for a conscious humanity and for it to still live in the future, let’s share our growth experiences and connect to others.